February 24, 2022

TOP 7 Ways to Increase Your Amazon Sales Rank Quickly

Getting a high Amazon Sales Rank is probably the most important puzzle sellers need to solve to earn more revenue. Sales rank is a widely used metric by sellers on Amazon. It helps in gauging how your product is performing against competitors.

It seems easy enough to sign up and start selling on this platform but do you think a buyer will look at your product if it’s on page 10? The buyer will either find something on the first few pages or eventually lose interest. The Amazon search algorithm arranges the products according to their ranking, and you have to boost the ranking to make them visible on the first few pages.

Ranking your products highly in the platform’s search results is critical and getting a high sales rank on Amazon becomes easier if you use the correct tools and track your ranking.

This article will talk about the best ways to quickly increase your sales rank. You’ll find other sellers’ real cases and opinions. We will also discuss how to track Amazon Sales Rank.

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What Is Amazon Sales Rank? And How Is It Calculated?

The Amazon marketplace has hundreds of millions of products listed in different categories. These numbers may seem impressive but what’s more incredible is how they are ranked on this platform. These products are ranked on a metric known as Amazon Sales Rank (or BSR).

This metric helps determine how popular a product is in a specific category. This ranking exists for almost every product listed on this platform. As sellers, you need to know that the product can have a rank from 1 to over 1 million. Having a lower number means greater sales. Whether a beginner or a professional with a solid selling history, the Amazon Sales Rank metric assists you in understanding where your products are in the online marketplace.  

Your sales history has a significant impact on your BSR. With a lot of sales in a short period, your BSR might increase, but if you can’t maintain your selling trends, it will crash in no time. Amazon Sales Rank closely monitors the products within a category. Listing your products in different categories can boost your sales ranking.

For instance, this product is ranked #1,354 in the top three categories, “clothing,” “shoes,” and “jewelry,” but the same product is ranked at #28 in the subcategory “Women’s socks.”

Although Amazon doesn’t reveal exactly how the sales rank is calculated, business owners are finding out empirically what increases the chances of success. And now, we are ready to reveal the factors that can make or break your product’s sales rank.

Best 7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank Quickly

If your products are already on Amazon, there is a chance that they will gain traction and climb rankings naturally. But you will still have to maintain a positive sales history to help boost sales rankings. You will have to focus on finding and analyzing ways to make that happen. New products or sellers generally rank lower than 5,000 or even 2,000. You can’t waste your time and resources by producing products while still listed on page 10 of Amazon. But, what exactly do you have to do? Let’s take a look!


If you are thinking about the best way to improve your Sales Rank, FBA is a brilliant option to start with. The best thing about this option is that you don’t have to spend any time or money setting up a warehouse or distribution channel. Using the FBA model makes it easier for you to use Prime shipping, which significantly impacts your visibility on this platform. Faster shipping times attract more shoppers, eventually increasing sales and conversion rates.

The Prime badge helps you get on an exclusive list of sellers, making your products look more lucrative and attractive to the 200 million-strong Prime member community that gets fast, free shipping. As you get more traffic on your products, your sales increase, resulting in a higher sales rank.

Your products can become eligible for Prime without FBA as well when you qualify for the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, but that is very competitive and has a long waitlist.

Increase Sales Velocity

The best rule to increase your ranking is to sell more. The more you sell your product, the higher you rank. The key is to maximize your product’s visibility on this platform. Buyers have no time to scrutinize every single product on the platform. The primary aim is to make it easy for buyers to find your products.

There are two specific ways to grow your sales and further strengthen your rank-increasing initiatives quickly. These include:

  • Lower your prices briefly to sell your products quickly. You also have to check the ROI and make sure your business can sustain the price drop.
  • Make your products unique so that fewer merchants sell the same product as you. As the competition decreases, it becomes easier to rank well for certain search terms.

However, sometimes, these are just not enough, especially if your product is part of a competitive niche. There was an interesting experiment conducted by Steven Pope (Founder of My Amazon Guy) in which he introduced a Mother’s Day Mom Gifts Set on Amazon. This new launch managed to get into the top 10 in the Skin Care Sets & Kits category reasonably quickly, although it cost him tens of thousands.

So, what did he do? His idea was to compete with the biggest spenders by targeting a broad keyword term because his previous research had failed to produce satisfactory results. The initial keywords for listing included new parents or similar to parents with children in the household. None of these categories helped the seller rank his product higher in the sales ranking. Steven simply used “Mother’s Day Mom Gifts Set” in the description.

This did increase his PPC bids a lot, but he managed to gain traction on his product. This traction translated into a high sales velocity. The seller experimented with other factors like black shadows in the background after seeing what potentially could make for easier impressions through a cellphone. These, further coupled with other factors, translated into an increase in organic sales.

At this point, there was only one review on this product, which shows that you can run advertising before you generate the reviews. Pope spent over $47,000 on ads with almost $90,000 back in sales and 53% being ad spend. Just because the break-even point of the items was pretty high, running a higher advertising cost of sales (ACoS) was acceptable. Some campaigns went wrong and were a major flop. Data shows that the flop campaigns had very low ad spending. 1% of ad spend was on sponsored brands, whereas 99% was on sponsored products in one of the failed campaigns.

It was a ‘bump’ in sales that he paid for by competing with the biggest spenders for that broad keyword, but as we mentioned earlier, for higher rankings, you need to sell more.

By raising your bids on Sponsored Products or sponsored brand ads, you can make your products appear more clearly in front of potential buyers, which will lead to an increase in sales which will, in turn, lead to a higher sales rank.

Alexey Ukhnalev, 7-figure Amazon seller with more than 5 years of experience, thinks that the formula of a high-ranking product is Good Product+PPC+External Traffic.

He said, “It works because the product must be good and visible to potential customers. Good products get good reviews. External traffic helps with brand awareness and brings more potential customers to the listing. The best performing external traffic channel for my products is Google Ads.”

Enhance Customer Experience

To increase sales ranking on Amazon, you need to enhance your customer experience. Your aim as a seller is to ensure that it is easy for your potential customer to find your product and buy it. They need to enjoy buying our product rather than being confused and stressed. Remember that your customers are masses, and they need to easily understand the language on listings.

According to Tamika Richie, an experienced Amazon seller, there are certain ways to increase sales rank. She says, “You have to ensure that the listing quality is up to par. It should have a descriptive yet not wordy title along with three bullet points referencing the benefits of the product and/or further info about the product (i.e., dimensions, attributes, etc.). Furthermore, add at least 3 pictures to the listing that are clear and show all sides of the product.”

“In my opinion, doing this helps rank organically. A great listing provides customers with a brief synopsis of the product. This leaves little to no room for guessing or assuming what the product is or does. Moreover, it helps customers find your item easier,” says Tamika.

This will eventually help you rank organically. You can check the quality of your listing by using Semrush's Listing Quality Check tool for Amazon. This can help you improve the quality of your listings and rank higher.

If you are successful in enhancing the overall customer experience, you will be able to have a positive selling history. If customers find it easy to search your product and get a clear idea about it through a description and images, they will order from you. Sales history matters a lot because sales rank depends on steadily growing sales. This means that delivering quality products on time and keeping customers happy should be your priority.

The products that were added to Amazon earlier have an overall advantage. But, building up a solid sales history will naturally help in boosting your rankings. You can maintain a positive selling history by following sellers’ best practices, some of which are:

  • Maintaining accurate inventory.
  • Being attentive and vigilant to customers’ queries on your product pages.
  • Providing speedy and efficient shipping.
  • Keeping the Cancellation Rate (CR), Late Ship Rate (LSR), and Order Defect Rate (ODR) as low as possible.

Win the Buy Box

As a seller, your goal is to get your products into the Buy Box on the product detail page, as this allows your customers to buy products in just one click. Unfortunately, if you don’t get into the Buy Box, your customers will end up buying the same product from your competitor.

Moreover, customers will get frustrated and eventually lose interest in your product if they don’t see the option to immediately add it to their cart. Our entire emphasis is on increasing your sales and making it easy for customers to buy your products, which the Buy Box significantly aids in this process.  

You need to be a Pro seller to become eligible for the Buy Box, apart from having a good standing for your seller account. After becoming eligible, some of the ways through which you can potentially win the Buy Box are to:

  • List items in ‘New’ condition.
  • Maintain adequate inventory levels.
  • Achieve and sustain a strong seller profile (High CR, LSR, and ODR).
  • Competitively price your products.

Keyword Optimization

SEO plays a vital role in whether your product page will be visible to the customer on Amazon or not. People search on Amazon differently than on search engines like Google. The buyer locates products by using search queries and keywords. These keywords are then matched against the product listings to find relevant results. So, the first thing you need to do is use the right keywords. But, what does this mean?

Sellers need to add relevant keywords in their product listings so that their products can be matched against the search terms used by the customers. They need to know the kind of search terms customers use and what keywords their top competitors use. This will help them understand how to form an Amazon SEO strategy. For that, you need to carry out keyword research. Keyword research helps you find the best-ranked products on the platform and the terms customers are using to find them.

Using keywords in your titles and description is not enough. Tamika suggests, “great keywords in your backend will also help retailers generate traffic to their great listings.” More traffic will convert visits into sales. You can get suitable keywords by researching tools such as the Keyword Wizard tool. If you repeat this process regularly, you will avoid missing new high-traffic keywords and keep your product’s ranking high.

Tamika further states, “You can explore several avenues to find appropriate keywords for the backend and your listings, such as going after alternative uses of the product, emotional attributes of the product, holidays/seasons/occasions the product is best used for, etc.”

Keyword Wizard for Amazon

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Use third-party tools

It is hard for sellers to get historical data from Amazon. Metrics like BSR can provide access to valuable trends if you want data that goes far enough. Using third-party tools can help you capture and monitor changes and apply improvements.

Tools like Amazon PPC Optimizer, help you get a better return on your PPC spending. It also analyzes campaign performance with detailed reports that can help you optimize your ad spending, allowing you to divert those dollars towards other business operations.

These tools will more efficiently bring critical sales metrics to light, allowing you to take a longer-term view of the cause and effects of these changes on your sales rank.

Product Research

You can have an okay description or an underperforming PPC campaign, but the one thing that can save you is the right product. But even if you have an excellent copy and keyword optimization and you have chosen the wrong product, your sales can suffer. Finding the right product is an essential factor in boosting your sales ranking.

With millions of products available for purchase on Amazon, sellers need to identify profitable ones. Researching your niche is vital, and finding the demand in the market will help you find the right product. Ensure that you spend ample time and resources on product research. Spending a few hours is not going to give you favorable results.

The product research will assist you in analyzing current market trends and finding the right product with greater profits and high sales opportunities. With better research, there are higher chances of increased sales ranking.

Any Amazon Sales Rank tools?

You can choose your Amazon rank tool from a number of first-party tools based on what your strategy is. These include:

This tool provides a listing quality score. This score gives an overall analysis of the quality listing based on the optimization techniques. This can further assist you in fixing content errors and incomplete listings. This tool needs to be used for auditing listings and getting improved ideas.

Uncover external traffic channels of any Amazon listing. Traffic Insights is an analytics tool that allows you to evaluate and compare Amazon listings’ traffic channels, and scale your marketing strategy accordingly.

Get your products seen by analyzing search performance on Amazon. See how much traffic the product gets from Amazon search, what keywords and positions it ranks for, and if it triggers any special search results (SERP features).

This tool helps retailers find the perfect product on Amazon even if they are new on this platform. It also assists in uncovering competition and high-demand products and monitoring each found product’s sales rank (BSR) in trend. You can easily choose products based on their popularity at a specific moment and strategize accordingly.

This tool helps with your product’s visibility in search. Keyword Wizard is an intuitive tool and has smart filtering that can help in improving SEO. Furthermore, it can easily get top keywords for your listing’s “Search Term” field.

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Track Amazon Sales Rank

There are millions of products available on the Amazon marketplace, and you will find the Amazon Sales Rank on each product page. All you have to do is pull up the product page and scroll down until you see a section titled Product Information or Product Details.

This section is right under the product description and above the Questions and Reviews section. Once you are in the section, you have to look for Best Sellers Rank. This is where you will see a list of Amazon Sales Ranks for the product. This listing will be available in each category.

Finding the product and pulling up the page might seem too much of a hassle. A more accessible and more efficient way to track Amazon Sales Rank is through Semrush's Product Research Tool and Listing Protection Tool. The Product Research Tool helps monitor Amazon’s Best Selling Rank and analyze its trends for a product. These trends can be monitored for different categories, keywords, selling prices, etc. Furthermore, Listing Protection Tools also help track Amazon Sales Rank by helping individuals track sellers’ product rankings on Amazon SERP. By keeping an eye on the product rankings, sellers can improve and grow their visibility on this platform and make important business decisions.  

Final thoughts

Let’s say you are a new retailer on Amazon, and your product is still on page 10. Your prospective customers hardly get past page 3 or 4. This diminishes any chance of your product being purchased by your customers. This can be frustrating for any retailer, as each one wants their product to show up at the top of the search results.

This is where these top seven ways to help you improve your sales ranking come in. You need to work on the visibility of your product. Keyword optimization helps in boosting the rank of your product on Amazon. Moreover, the data collected during keyword research can help retailers plan strategies and regularly optimize their product listings.

Furthermore, your selling history plays a vital role in increasing your sales ranking. An analysis of this history works as a tracker and helps you improve and make changes to increase your visibility and generate more sales.

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