February 11, 2022

Super Bowl LVI on Amazon: Assessing Popularity and Consumer Trends From the Super Bowl’s 2022 Season

We guess you’d love to know which team will become the 2022 Super Bowl champion.

But as much as you analyze the results of the сonference championships, whether it’s going to be the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams is about the only thing our data can’t tell us.

Other than that, data reveals a lot.

Is this pandemic-hit NFL season getting the same level of interest as before? Which NFL team wins the People’s Choice Awards (in Amazon world, which teams’ merch people look up the most)? Do game results have an impact on fans’ devotion? Even, which beer brand can expect the biggest surge in sales pre-Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl isn’t just a sports event for all those American football lovers (and advertisers, of course). The NFL championship affects consumers’ behavior, interests, and demand. So, for all of us here who love and need to watch big Amazon trends, being armed with data simply means being Super Bowl ready from a sales viewpoint.

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Interest Towards Super Bowl LVI: Any Changes Throughout the Years?

Before we get into the Super Bowl related Amazon trends, let’s unwrap if the Super Bowl — just like its more global counterpart, the Olympics — is seeing some dips in interest from general web surfers.

Sellzone’s big brother Semrush has all the data.

Super Bowl Trends on Google 2019-2021

We don’t have the February 2022 numbers yet, but if we look at January stats for a few consecutive years, we’ll see that:

  • Out of the past four years, 2020 was the biggest Super Bowl year among Google surfers, with over 7M searches in January, and more than 20M searches in February.
  • The pandemic appears to have had a great impact on people’s interest in the Super Bowl — both 2021 and 2022 saw half the number of Super Bowl searches in January compared to 2020.
  • So, while the February stats are still to arrive, we can expect user interest comparable to that of 2021. The numbers should still be higher than back in 2019 — after all, the web audience is growing each year — but lower than in 2020.

Which NFL Teams Attract the Most Interest From Amazon Surfers?

When it comes to Amazon, to assess the overall interest towards all things Super Bowl on the marketplace, we combined the number of searches for all 14 NFL teams that made it to the playoffs:

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Buffalo Bills
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  5. Green Bay Packers
  6. Philadelphia Eagles
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers
  8. Tennessee Titans
  9. New England Patriots
  10. Arizona Cardinals
  11. Las Vegas Raiders
  12. San Francisco 49ers
  13. Cincinnati Bengals
  14. Los Angeles Rams
Interest in NFL 2021-2022 Teams on Amazon

Together, the 14 teams’ stats show that people begin to prepare for the NFL season early on.

We notice a steady interest spike in July, with around 92K searches for various NFL teams. In December, this number hit 1.1M — a 12X surge in only half a year.

When it comes to Amazon, you’re not so curious about the general trends, right? You want to know which products attract the most attention from Amazon buyers. And that means pinpointing teams that get the highest traction on Amazon.

Popularity of Teams That Made It To The NFL Conference Championship Games

Teams in NFL Conference Championship Games

It may seem logical to assume that it’s the teams that make it to the very final that get the biggest share of Amazon searches, but the data shows a different picture.

While it’s the Bengals and Rams that made it all the way to the Super Bowl, it’s the Chiefs and 49ers that get the biggest traction among the Amazon audience. And Kansas City’s team gets at least 6X more Amazon searches than the rest.

Popularity of Teams That Didn’t Make It To The NFL Conference Championship Games

It’s also curious to see whether a successful season somehow affects Amazon searches, so we looked at the rest of the teams’ search trends too.

Popularity of Teams Eliminated Before NFL Conference Championship Games 2021-2022

When it comes to the People’s Choice Awards on Amazon, it looks like the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team on the marketplace.

To our surprise, with the exception of the Chiefs, the teams that were eliminated during playoffs have more fans on Amazon than those who made or almost made it to the Super Bowl.

It appears that neither a good season nor population seem to have an impact on demand for team-related products across the marketplace. For instance, California — the most populated US state — teams don’t make it to the top 10 most popular NFL teams on Amazon.

Now that you know which NFL teams win people’s hearts, at least according to Amazon data, it’s time to see exactly what team-related merch fans are looking for.

To narrow the scope, we only focused on teams that made it into the Conference Championship Games.

We spotted that the most popular queries for almost every team are “gifts,” “gifts for men,” or “gifts for women.” Yet, supporters of different teams seem to have various merch preferences.

Top 5 Merchandise Items for Teams in NFL Conference Championship Games 2021-2022

If hats and jerseys make it to almost every team’s preferred merch, beanies, for instance, are purely a thing for Bengals supporters.

You can’t imagine the Super Bowl without tailgating. For Amazon sellers, this is not simply a social gathering, it’s a call for piling up your stock with all the products people need for some good old Super Bowl cheering.

Here’s a typical list of items recommended to buy for tailgating:

  1. Bluetooth speaker
  2. Cooler
  3. Meat thermometer
  4. Folding table
  5. Tumbler
  6. Soccer ball
  7. Camping chair
  8. Canopy tent
  9. Electric lighter
  10. Charcoal grill
  11. Grill set
  12. Soccer shin guards
  13. Portable bluetooth speaker
  14. Portable charcoal grill
  15. Growler
  16. Can insulator

But do people really look up these products on Amazon, and does the Super Bowl have any effect on the searches?

To answer this question, we looked at the search trends for these products from January to February 2021.

Previous year’s stats show that the biggest jump in people’s searches occurs throughout the summer (blame picnics and camping) and…in January.

Compared to September, for instance, interest in these tailgating products in January grew twofold.

Pro tip: As a seller, you might want to add the word “tailgating” to your product listings on the eve of NFL playoffs, even if you’re just selling products that can be useful for a picnic or a camping trip.

The table below shows the search stats for individual products, if you’re curious which items get the biggest share of tailgaters’ interest:

Tailgating Products

No tailgating conversation can go without a mention of beer, though. After all, tailgating is a party, and a bottle or two is part of the fun.

But is there really a strong connection between the start of the NFL season and beer searches?

It looks like December is the biggest month for beer sellers on Amazon, as searches for beer jump to almost twice the yearly average. But as interest seems to plummet in January (still a hot NFL season month), it’s hard to tell if there’s a close tie with the NFL — December is a traditional holiday month, so beermakers might credit this spike to other festivities.

In any case, beer sales do jump around December, so NFL-related or not, it’s good to know people’s preferences between beverages:

Funnily, it’s Bud Light that makes it as the #1 beer brand on Amazon in terms of searches. Who knows, maybe Budweiser can thank its football-themed “Whassup?” commercial for such success.

Over to You

Although 2022 is not going to be the year of a surge in interest towards the Super Bowl — according to our search data at least — the game of the year still opens up a lot of opportunities for sellers.

If you want to capitalize on all the Super Bowl craze that's still very much in place, here’s what you should take away from our Amazon trends study:

  • Get your stock and product pages NFL-ready by July. People start searching for their teams’ merch early on.
  • Interest in products related to various teams doesn’t depend on the results table. It looks like NFL fans are pretty loyal to their teams, so don’t wait for the start of the season to stock up and maybe even advertise your products.
  • Find out which particular products people are looking for—beanies would be a great idea for Bengals fans, but some other teams’ supporters are searching for something else.
  • Super Bowl related Amazon searches are typically on all things gifts. So make sure to reflect this in your copy.
  • If you’re selling any products related to tailgating, you might want to include this as your keyword; this is especially crucial for January sales.

And if you want to keep up with all the shifts in Amazon surfers’ demands and interests, make sure to go all data-driven and use Semrush to gather the most up-to-date and historical data.

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