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May 26, 2021

Sellerly Grows into Sellzone and Launches the Keyword Wizard tool

From the very inception of Sellerly, we aimed to create the most powerful and innovative multitool for Amazon marketing. And we’re right on course.  

Today’s milestone for us is a cause for both celebration and reflection – we’re expanding our set of solutions with the long-awaited Keyword Research tool, and changing our name.

Please meet Keyword Wizard of Sellzone!

From Sellerly to Sellzone

Sellerly was first presented as a simple free split-testing tool to work on conversion rates. Gradually, we have grown into a full-fledged toolkit covering more and more Amazon marketing workflows.

Traffic analytics with top-notch data, dedicated solutions for listing audit and optimization, a smart alerting system, and keyword research for driving Amazon SEO. Today, we have to admit, we are far bigger than Sellerly. We are Sellzone!

We believe that our new name better aligns with our mission of making selling better and helping entrepreneurs to excel.

Keyword Wizard

To celebrate the new stage and showcase our development, the updated toolkit has just been equipped with Keyword Wizard – keyword research tool for the Amazon search engine.

It’s your top choice as it has:

→ A gigantic database of 200+ mln keywords,

→ Search volume data backed by Semrush,

→ A simple interface with smart filtering options.

What’s in the toolbox?

With this newest release, Sellzone includes the following tools:

  • Keyword Wizard - Amazon keyword research tool enabling to improve Amazon listing visibility by finding high-volume search terms to rank for.
  • Traffic Insights - Helps sellers find new customer sources by evaluating and comparing the external traffic channels of a product listed on Amazon.
  • Listing Quality Check - Audits listing content for potential suspension threats and Amazon guideline compliance and provides actionable tips on improving listing performance.
  • Listing Protection - Monitors listings of sellers’ own or competing products and alerts users via email or SMS about various changes in the product listing.
  • Split Testing - Runs automated split testing of product pages helping to determine which parameters perform better for the listings based on live test data.

We are very proud of our growth and are not going to slow down the pace. We’ll continue listening to you and bringing new features and tools.

Thanks for following us, and stay tuned for more news!

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