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Pick the winning product to sell on Amazon

The Product Research Tool

  • Uncover low–competition, high–demand
    products using smart filtering.
  • Choose the products gaining popularity at
    this particular moment.
  • Find the perfect product, even if you are a
    newbie on Amazon.
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Choose a product based on the freshest data

With regularly updated data, you can be sure that you’re choosing the product that’s attracting shoppers at this very moment.

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Identify easy wins and low-hanging fruits

Use convenient filters to uncover low-competition, high-demand products within a comfortable price range.

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Find the perfect product, even if you are a newbie on Amazon

The functionality is clear, even if you’re picking your first product. Moreover, the tool is free to use.

Product Research
is for you if:

  • You're new to selling on Amazon and want to quickly find an outstanding product to start with
  • You're an experienced seller and want to pick a new product and enhance your presence on Amazon
  • You're an experienced seller who passes their knowledge to newbies and wants to help them choose the right product
  • You're an agency helping Amazon clients start their business on Amazon
  • You're already a Semrush fan, and have been thinking to transform yourself into the entrepreneur

How it works


Choose the categories you are interested in and the product price range.


Use additional filters
to see the most profitable
products for resale


Add products you like to your “Favorites” for further comparison and selection

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